Telecom Installation & Commissioning

We are engaged in meeting infrastructural requirements of telecom service providers. Catering to the equipment and service needs of the telecom industry, we offer following products installation work & services:

1) Site Acquisition:We undertake site acquisition works, which consists of following activities:

  • Identification of BTS candidate sites along with customer RF team.
  • Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements.
  • Preparation of the preference list of options with report for acquisition.
  • Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site.
  • Be associated with customer personnel for commercial negotiations & finalizations.
  • Agreement with the owner on customer guidelines for the selected candidate site.

2) BTS Installation:Hics Pvt. Ltd. has attained significant expertise in Base Transreceiver System (BTS) -Installation & Commissioning Service:

  • BTS Installation as per layout plan.
  • Battery Bank installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS.
  • Rectifier Rack/ SMPS installation.
  • PCM routing and kroning, alarm cable routine.
  • ECB, IGB, EMP installation & earthing.
  • FEP cutting, finishing, sealing, jumper routine, connectorisation and termination.
  • Indoor cable tray installation.
  • Labeling of all the cables and jumpers as per customer standard.
  • Horizontal cable tray fitting, pendulum support installation and grouting.
  • Antenna fixtures installation.
  • Antenna installation & alignment.
  • Feeder routine, Earthing, weather proofing & labeling
  • Microwave Rack installation
  • Minilink installation & Commissioning of FIU/RRI/EITI
  • Antenna installation & IF Cable routine
  • DC connection to minilink through DCDB / MCB
  • Earthing of Rack, IF as per site engineer instruction

3) Microwave Linkhead Alignment- LOS

4) GSM Antenna Installation

5) PIU (Power Int. Unit) Installation

6) Rectifier & Battery Bank Installation

7) DG & Power Automation

8) Electrical Project Work Execution(Earth Pit, Wiring, Grounding)

9) Shelter Erection